5 Best Test Management Tools For Jira In 2023

Catering to its users for 10 years, Test Collab thrives on keeping abreast of industry trends trigger the continuous evolution process. A test case management tool that offers its features for both agile and waterfall models makes it a preferred tool for a team with different types of requirements. TestCollab is a test management tool that lets you manage test cases, executions, and plans in one platform. For example, you can view a graph of passed test cases, failed test cases, and time elapsed to analyze the testing cycle.

test management tools comparison

You should select one of the best test management tools that offer features like live chat, phone calls, FAQs, raising help desk tickets, etc. Automation test results in the test management tool are desirable. Your test management tool must provide ready integration or API to connect with a variety of tools. You should also consider employee training costs on the tool while factoring in the budget. Teststuff lets you assign tests to specific testers, and it includes shared steps. Our top pick is a tool quite unlike the traditional options below.

Why do you need a Test Management Tool?

Smartbear Zephyr is one of the top test management tools on account of its visibility and integration options. Pricing information for the standalone version must be requested from the company directly, but there is a version native to Jira that starts at $10 (£8.11) per month. Smartbear Zephyr is a similar system to the Kualitee platform in that it creates workflows between team members.

test management tool comparison

Tricentis qTest Enterprise is a comprehensive test management tool that provides full-cycle test operations across projects. This helps teams to identify and resolve issues quickly, improving the overall quality of each release. Jira Test management tool provides comprehensive test case management, which helps organize testing efforts with real-time insights about the testing process.


From the wide variety of features offered by the test management tools listed above, it is clear that selecting a test management tool at scale requires consideration of various factors. To meet the changing needs of organizations in terms of testing, many tools offer scalability, integration functionality, and reporting and analytics capabilities. TestCaseLab is a test case management system designed for manual QA engineers. With this tool, you can create test plans and populate them with different cases, control the flow, as well as create test runs based on your test plans. The free plan allows up to 3 users to use the app, while the Advanced plan costs $17 per month. There is an Enterprise plan with custom-tailored pricing for larger teams with more complex requirements.

test management tools comparison

Report sharing can be scheduled to ensure that your team receives periodic updates. Tricentis qTest is designed to support an Agile development strategy. This package integrates with Jira and other development facilities to ease project automation.

The platform has a number of specific tests that it can implement while you watch or you can choose to run them unattended and then read through completion reports later. The tool will integrate with typical software development project tools for automation. QTest Manager is one of the most intuitive test management tools on the market. It provides testing teams with everything they need to manage the testing process.

Test management tools should be used to avoid such confusion, as these tools allow testers to verify the same information during testing. When test management tools are used, it reduces the total time of execution by getting rid of duplicate data. The best test management tool for you will depend on your specific needs, requirements, and budget. Before deciding, we recommend evaluating each tool based on the factors that matter most to you, such as features, integrations, ease of use, and pricing. Perhaps your product is new; perhaps the accelerated world of DevOps led you to believe testing planning was not required.

You can run test cases and then use the rest execution wizard to record them as pass or fail. You can use XML report templates https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ and customize them with graphs and charts. One of the key aspects of test management is resource allocation and scheduling.

They have pros and cons, but any tool can be used for most projects. They all have good support for the popular project management and automation tools, reports, import and export of test cases, and so on. Robust test management features are significant for ensuring the testing process is efficient and produces high-quality results. As highlighted, test case tools are essential for managing the testing process and ensuring that the final product meets the required standards. The modern DevOps pipeline does a lot more than just having humans explore the user interface at the end.

test management tools comparison

It’s done by exporting the cycle into an excel file and then importing it back into the app. I already have a few favorite ones, but with 2023 making waves, I became interested in finding the right tool to suit current and modern project needs for less money. Its most significant benefit is that it builds on existing Jira features, which means that the tool doesn’t invent many new rules, isn’t siloed, or needs unique integrations. The system should be flexible enough to handle a variety of styles of development and different projects. A tester might have a specific project in mind while selecting a tool, but one should avoid over-specializing.

For pricing information, you need to request a quote from the company directly. Zephyr Enterprise provides optimization, quality, speed, and processing of testing activities in a single tool. Other features include creating test cases, defining user requirements and generating reports.

  • This tool also has built-in project management, milestones, and versions.
  • For example, you can view a graph of passed test cases, failed test cases, and time elapsed to analyze the testing cycle.
  • If that data includes timestamps, and insights into performance changes over time, it can be valuable to Site Reliability Engineers and other DevOps roles.
  • We are committed to ensuring information on our site is reliable, useful, and worthy of your trust.
  • Some of the top test data management tools include Informatica TDM, Delphix, and GenRocket.

At a minimum, the engineering and testers should be able to rapidly generate a test strategy as a digital artifact. Katalon offers different pricing tiers- including free, premium, and ultimate. It offers both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options to cater to the needs of different organizations and their security policies. Tricentis Test Management solution has three different offerings for managing tests.

It allows you to consolidate and evaluate manual and automated test cases. Test activities can be monitored for workload, progress, and success at any time. Errors found during test execution can be integrated with the defect management system being used.

There is one feature related to testing sets that I actually didn’t like. When you are working with test sets, you have the option to create folders and subfolders. However, when you select a folder, you will see test cases from the folder and all nested subfolders at once without grouping them by subfolders. So, you need to structure subfolders not and adequately keep test cases in the parent folder if you have any subfolders inside.

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